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Capsule Pressure Gauge
2015/4/13 11:56:04

Capsule Pressure Gauge

Film pressure meter is also called micro pressure gauge. Suitable for measuring no explosion danger, no crystallization, solidification, and no corrosion to copper and copper alloy liquid, gas or steam low pressure.
Theca box pressure gauge sensitive element using the membrane box is used as a measurement of micro pressure. The measurement is not corrode, no danger of explosion gas micro pressure and negative pressure of copper alloy, are widely applied to boiler ventilation, gas pipeline, burning device and other similar devices on the other.
The stainless steel film pressure meter according to the pressure leading system and shell are made of stainless steel material. Micro pressure and negative pressure measurements on various gas medium process applied to the higher requirements of corrosion resistance of.
The stainless steel film pressure meter in accordance with the original film pressure meter structure characteristics and the development of corrosion resistant effect of micro pressure gauge. Used in boiler ventilating equipment and gas tube, measuring various gas medium in the process requires high corrosion resistance of the micro pressure and negative pressure. Accuracy class: 2.5
The structure principle

 The instrument consists of measuring system (including joints, bellows etc.), a transmission mechanism (gear transmission mechanism comprises a pull rod mechanism,), indicating components (including the pointer and dial) and the housing (including watchcase, lining and table composed of glass). The working principle of the instrument is based on the corrugated diaphragm box pressure of the measured medium, its free end generate elastic deformation, and then by the gear transmission mechanism and amplification, gradually will be measured values indicated in the dial pointer by fixed on the gear shaft. And zero adjustment device, can be conveniently adjusted zero position.
Theca box pressure gauge measurement in the range of -80~60000Pa, but according to the pressure range of different selection of different film pressure meter, pressure suggested the use of disk type film pressure meter at -1000Pa~60000Pa, if the pressure is suggested to select the rectangular theca box pressure table in -80Pa.

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